thanks to my missing limb …

A few days later than I’d like, here’s a quick update about the latest amp’d podcast. In the pod that went live this past Monday, Peggy and I shift away from our more technical discussions about health care reform and advocacy that have formed the basis for many of our recent talks. Instead, we tackle a more free-form topic: those aspects of limb loss that have made us thankful.

It’s a wide-ranging discussion that includes our respective Top 5’s, Peggy and me battling to the death about (un)watchable kids’ shows, and – at the end – unveiling some new tools now on the amp’d website.

Check it out this weekend to fill the hours between now and kickoff Sunday evening!

learn to fly

Check out the latest amp’d podcast to get a soup-to-nuts guide on how to navigate America’s airports if you have limb loss. From booking a flight to navigating security to boarding the plane to arriving at your destination, my talk with Peggy Chenoweth (aka The Amputee Mommy) covers it all.

In conjunction with the podcast, we have also added a new page to our virtual toolkit – Air Travel/TSA – that includes a comprehensive, downloadable tool to make air travel less frightening and easier to handle. It’s a great resource to use both at the planning stages and to have as a safety net while at the airport.

Als0 – a reminder: please reach out to your legislators and share your concerns about what would happen if prosthetics were no longer an essential health benefit or insurers were again allowed to assert pre-existing condition exclusions. Whatever you think of the current healthcare law, the fact that amputees (1) are not subject to annual or lifetime caps for prosthetics and (2) can switch from one policy to another without fear of pre-existing condition exclusions being asserted against them helps improve their access to medically necessary prosthetic care and treatment.

Visit the amp’d website’s Amputee Activism section to learn more about this issue and to access a model letter you can customize and email to your legislators today!

how to speak to politicians effectively

Last week in our amp’d podcast, Peggy and I issued a call to action to the amputee community and its family/friends. We asked you to reach out to federal legislators to ensure that two key protections provided by the current health care law – (1) classification of prosthetics as Essential Health Benefits, which prevents insurers from placing annual or lifetime caps on prosthetics, and (2) prohibitions on pre-existing condition exclusions – do not get repealed as part of the heated and quickly-evolving healthcare debate on Capitol Hill. As part of that effort, we created a new “Amputee Activism” section of our website, along with a tool designed to help you develop your skills as an amp’d activist.

In our newest podcast, we now walk through that tool step-by-step, showing you how to professionally and powerfully speak to your Representative and Senators about these two important issues. The debate in Congress is happening right now! If you wait to make your voice heard, it may be too late. So check out the latest amp’d, learn how to become an effective activist for the entire limb loss/difference community, and reach out to your elected officials immediately to ensure that they #DontExcludeAmputees.