Dave McGill is the creator of and sole contributor to less is more. He would like to congratulate anyone who realized that the web address for this blog – limblogger – incorporates the words “limb”, “blogger”, and contains an acronym for the blog name (“lim” = “less is more”). If you figured that out before reading this, please drop him a line so that he can write you a reference for your next job.

Dave has been an amputee since 1996, when he lost his left leg above the knee while acting as a Good Samaritan (and, in retrospect, ineffective car pusher).

Dave is currently the Vice President of Reimbursement & Compliance for Össur Americas, a manufacturer/distributor of prosthetic and orthotic devices. Because of his role at Össur, Dave would like everyone – including the Federal Trade Commission – to know that he has reviewed the FTC guidelines regarding endorsements in the medical device industry/new media. (Dave can see your eyes rolling into the back of your head as you read this.) As a result, he does not and will not review or endorse any prosthetic products, including the ones he’s wearing, on this blog. So don’t ask.

Dave is the President of the Board of Directors of the National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics & Prosthetics (NAAOP) and a Director on the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) board. If you’re not sure what either of those organizations do, you can visit links to each on the left side of less is more‘s main page.

Neither Ossur, NAAOP, or AOPA have editorial control over what appears in these hallowed e-pages. On the other hand, none of the lunatic ravings in this blog reflect or should be construed to reflect the views or opinions of any of those entities, as the content in less is more arises exclusively out of the tangled web that is Dave’s brain.

Dave previously co-founded a successful prosthetic facility in New York, where he specialized in reimbursement and access to care issues affecting the company’s customers. Before that, he worked for two separate law firms representing insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals, a combination that in retrospect seems like part of a brilliant plan to chart the career path he ultimately followed. However, since Dave will not admit to intentionally getting hit by a car, this appears to be more coincidental than strategic.

Dave has appeared on CNN and BBC radio speaking about legislative issues affecting amputees. He was nervous and only semi-coherent in both interviews. Mazda featured him in its 2013 “Conviction. Creativity. Courage. campaign, in which he was again nervous but bordered on coherence occasionally.

Dave has been quoted in the Christian Science Monitor and Wall Street Journal regarding advances in prosthetic technology and the challenges facing new amputees. He has authored articles for inMotion and The O&P Edge, and been interviewed by trade magazines like The O&P Edge, O&P Almanac and O&P Business News many times.

When not focusing on work, he sporadically drums behind his much more talented singer/songwriter son, Max, tries to understand why his other son, Jackson, insists on spending real money for virtual shoes for his NBA2K16 video game, or eats pints of ice cream with his daughter, Caroline. (Music; video games; ice cream – the Holy Trinity.) He has been married for over two decades to his lovely wife, Cara, who admits to not regularly reading this blog because “I don’t have to; I live it every day.”