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As many of my readers know, I have been recording podcasts for the limb loss community for years with my peer and friend, Peggy Chenoweth (the Amputee Mommy). Since my last post in November, she and I have been working hard to expand the resources available to individuals with limb loss and their family members in connection with that podcast (amp’d). This is the primary reason why less is more has gone silent over the last 60 days.

I am extremely proud to announce that the amp’d podcast now has a new online home – Peggy and I developed the website ourselves and all of the content it houses. Here are the key benefits offers:

  1. If you subscribe to the site, you will get email alerts every time we post a new amp’d podcast.
  2. It links you directly to the iTunes podcast store if you’d like to subscribe to our podcasts directly through iTunes. (Yes – Peggy figured out how to make us a truly professional podcasting outfit – at least insofar as you can now get our podcasts in the same place that you can also subscribe to the TED Radio Hour, This American Life and Serial.)
  3. Not only can you access the audio of our podcasts on the site, now you can review our written podcast summaries, which are extremely helpful when we are discussing actionable items (like today’s podcast – more on that below). Also useful if you are hearing impaired or hate the sound of my and Peggy’s voices.
  4. Many of our podcasts discuss topics that inherently benefit from the inclusion of related tools that individuals with limb loss can use. So we have created a “Tools” section that includes downloadable resources to help you in selecting a prosthetist, coordinating prosthetic care with your physician, and drafting appeals. We have many other tools in the pipeline that we’ll be podcasting about in the near future.
  5. As of today, there is also an “Amputee Activism” section of the website. This will highlight calls to action for amputees regarding both state and federal issues. Today, January 9th, we have our first call to action on an issue of critical importance to all individuals with limb loss/difference: health care reform. This section of our website also includes numerous downloadable resources that every amputee should familiarize themselves with.

I implore less is more readers to check out today’s podcast, the related podcast summary, and all of the materials in the Amputee Activism section of As Congress initiates substantive discussions about repealing the current health care law, there are two issues of particular importance to people with limb loss – essential health benefits and pre-existing condition exclusions – that could have a direct negative impact on all of us if certain aspects of the current health care law are repealed. (As Peggy and I make clear at the beginning of this podcast, we are not pro-Obama or pro-Trump in our discussion of these issues – rather, we are pro-amputee. We will always support any policy/legislation that helps amputees and oppose that which doesn’t, regardless of which party/politician raises it.)

We need the limb loss community to make their voices heard regarding these important issues. Today’s podcast explains them in detail and directs you to resources on the website that make engaging with your legislators quick and easy. Please join the #DontExcludeAmputees movement today!

Finally, I have to address the future of less is more. I love writing and sharing my thoughts with all of my readers. However, there are certain realities I have to acknowledge: (1) I can record 3-4 podcasts with Peggy on important and interesting topics in the same amount of time it takes me to write a single post; (2) I need to maintain and update the website on a regular basis in order to ensure that the information there remains timely and useful; and (3) I need to fit everything amp’d-related around my full-time job, which I love. Accordingly, while I will continue writing the occasional less is more post that does a deep dive on an issue that hopefully interests you, the majority of posts you read here in the future will serve to highlight the work Peggy and I are doing with amp’d, as that is where I think I can have the biggest impact in the limited time that’s available to me.

Please visit immediately so that you can take action today! While we don’t know what the future of healthcare will hold over the next four years, the potential ramifications on people with limb loss are (a) far-reaching and (b) could be immediate. So speak up now and use the tools on the amp’d website to help you do it.

Thanks to everyone. Happy New Year, and I look forward to talking with all of you both through the comments here and, increasingly, on – the podcast (and now website) for people with limb loss.

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