the second age

the second age 1.29.15

Lo, many fortnights ago, The Amputee Mommy and the Bionic Blogger uttered words of humor and power, speaking towards electronic sheafs lit with the glow of 10 incandescent moons. They spoke of bygone months, an epoch that saw the accumulated wisdom of an oral history bearing the name Amp’d slide into the mists of time until those who once knew of it remembered only its wisps and tendrils.

Verily, The Amputee Mommy uttered words of childbirth and disease, while the Bionic Blogger offered soliloquies about payment for services provided by the followers of Hippocrates and his travails upon a lighted stage with 6 and 5-stringed instruments. And then … this record too, slipped into the past, forgotten on these pages as if it had never existed. The cold nights of autumn receded as the harsh chill of winter and the icy accumulations of its residue cloaked the northern regions.

When suddenly, breaking through the hoar-frost like a spear through the finest silk, The Bionic Blogger received a magical link from The Amputee Mommy, a divine tool that brought back those words from the month derived from the Latin, “novem,” restoring them to their full glory of two moon cycles past. The Bionic Blogger fell to his knees and wept. That which he had thought lost now was found, and with it, the purpose that had dimmed to a flicker in his heart surged out of him like a thousand suns, and mortal men averted their gaze he shone so brightly.

He lifted his hands and his fingers gently alit over the backlit runes known as QWERTY, so that all people of the world could hear The Words, and pass their message down through the generations.

The Second Age of Amp’d had begun. (Click here.)

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