what if … you just kept your mouth shut?

less is more 04.01.14

What if the fact that you wore (or didn’t wear a prosthesis) inherently put you in situations where you had to make the difficult choice to either tee off on someone or hold your tongue? What if you chose the “right” answer and still ended up with a lousy result?

What if a business owner refused to let one of the hosts of this podcast – a pregnant, prosthetic-wearing individual – sit in his premises even though the nature of his business included bleachers designed for (gasp) people to sit on? What if I gave you a hint and told you that the aforementioned host of this podcast wasn’t me?

In this week’s Amp’d, listen to this sordid tale and feel the righteous indignation well up in your chest. As I and my co-host, Peggy, discussed before recording it, these kinds of stories make for a miserable individual experience but a compelling podcast. Enjoy.

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