inMotion Cover Story

inMotion Cover Story 01.14.14

inMotion magazine cover courtesy of the Amputee Coalition.

This week, I have something a little different for all of you.

Back in November last year, the Amputee Coalition approached me about writing an article about parenting with limb loss. I was told that I could either use historical content from less is more, or I could write something completely new.

Since my views on all things (other than the primacy of certain rock bands) constantly evolve over time, I thought cobbling something together from older posts wouldn’t be the right way to go. I instead chose to go the harder but ultimately more rewarding route: writing something original.

Well, here we are in January, and the excellent Amputee Coalition magazine, inMotion, is out, with four very attractive people and me on the cover. Click here to peruse inMotion and read what will serve as this week’s less is more post.

For those of you who don’t know my history with the Amputee Coalition, I served on its Board of Directors for many years, the majority of them as Chairman of the Board. It’s a fantastic organization providing important resources and advocacy for individuals with limb loss and their families. If you like the cover story written by yours truly or any other part of inMotion, please do me a favor and take 10 minutes to support the Amputee Coalition by making a donation so that the organization can continue to bring inMotion and the myriad other services it offers to people with limb loss and their family members. To make a donation to the Amputee Coalition, click here.

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