what if … you were a letter and a number?

less is more 10.15.13

And what if this letter and number gave you access to certain types of prosthetic components but not others? What if Medicare and private insurance refused to pay any claim that didn’t include the letter and number on the claim form?

What if you disagreed with the letter and number assigned to you by your prosthetist and doctor?

What if you could take certain steps to help make sure that your prosthetist and doctor assigned you the right letter and number? So that you could get the most clinically-appropriate prosthesis given your individual needs?

In the October edition of Amp’d, The Amputee Mommy and I cover the important and slightly bizarre world of “K Levels,” which describe every lower limb amputee’s current or potential ability to walk. We explain how current trends within both Medicare and private insurers have made K level documentation the center of a war between prosthetists and payers, and how you can avoid getting stuck in the middle. So click here to immerse yourself in a painful but necessary discussion … K?

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