What if … you knew the exact questions to ask?

less is more 08.26.13

What if you listened to our previous podcast back in May and asked yourself, “These are great tips on what to look out for when choosing a prosthetist, but what are the specific questions I should ask when interviewing them?” What if you (mistakenly) thought that the purpose of meeting different prosthetists was for them to select you, not the other way around?

What if I told you that when we started recording the podcast, we identified 5 key questions and 2 bonus points to discuss, but ended up with 7 key questions and 2 bonus points?

What if I told you that this month’s Amp’d focuses on the exact questions you should ask a prospective prosthetist to maximize the chance that you end up working with someone who’s the right match for you? Well, if you find that prospect exciting, click here to listen to the latest and greatest from me and Peggy, the Amputee Mommy. If you don’t find that exciting, you should still listen for no other reason than the Monty Pythonesque “Spanish Inquisition” aspect of the cast as Peggy and I keep identifying new issues beyond the 7 originally listed at the beginning of our talk.

Also, for those of you who are RSS lovers – RIP, Google Reader – we’re happy to announce that you can subscribe to the Amp’d RSS feed here!

We hope you like the August edition of Amp’d, and stay tuned for our next podcast in September!

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