What if … you had a good way to choose a prosthetist?

less is more 06.18.13

What if you could make choosing a prosthetist a more objective process? What if you relied on more than “gut” and “feel?”

What if we told you that you should never decide to go to a prosthetist without having interviewed more than one? What if we told you to look at the amputee who works for a prosthetist as an unofficial recruiter for that facility? What if we told you not to let how a facility looks overwhelm you? What if we told you that proximity and loyalty are overrated?

Well, in this week’s Amp’d, we tell you all of those things. In addition, you get to hear how the Amp’d creative process works, as Peggy and I identify future podcast topics on the fly, in real time. And finally, you get to see the “new and improved” Amp’d, now using a different (read: better) podcast host site. (And have no fear – Peggy is tirelessly working to port our previous podcasts over to this new site so that they’re all in one easy-to-find place for you.)

You want to know the five guiding principles to follow when selecting a prosthetist? Then listen to this week’s Amp’d.

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