the Giants stole my muse …

Dear readers:

Due to events (Patriots losing the Superbowl) over the weekend, I have lost my blog writing muse. I anticipate rediscovering it in the next 48-72 hours and completing the post – dealing, ironically, with expectations – in the near future. Thanks for your continued loyalty and for letting me work through the seven stages of grief at my own pace.

And so sorry that this message didn’t post this morning when I wrote it. Tried doing this from my iPhone and instead of posting it, apparently saved it in my Drafts folder. That too, is the fault of the Giants. In fact, everything wrong with my life for the last 24 and next 48 hours has been directly caused by and is attributable to the Giants.

(As you can see, I’m stuck somewhere between anger and denial.)

Thanks, all!


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