happy holidays from less is more!

Dear Readers,

I hope everyone is having a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. less is more is taking a 2 week end-of-year/holiday hiatus. Posts will resume two weeks from today.

Free from the crippling obligation of reading two to three-thousand words punctuated by an average of about 3 periods and 140,000 commas and semi-colons per post, you can now all do something productive with your lives. I suggest everyone going out and taking a nice walk without headphones, music, or other distractions.

It can be very peaceful.

Or do what I’m doing today on my 19th wedding anniversary, and assemble Christmas toys, activate electronics, and otherwise become ensnared by the trappings of Consumeras – I mean, Christmas.

Everyone have a great end of year. I look forward to connecting with everyone again after the turn of the year!


3 thoughts on “happy holidays from less is more!

  1. Dave, catching up on some of my ‘back issue’ reading. This one is incredible. The depths to which you’re willing to go is really astounding to me — and your wife is a KILLER interviewer. Holy crap. Very few people are genuinely this courageous. Keep going…!

    • ps – posted comment to the wrong one — I meant the column where Cara interviewed you. Holiday greetings are nice, but not quiiite as deep(!) 😉

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