hurricane delay

Loyal less is more readers – I apologize for the absence of a post this morning, but Hurricane Irene has monkeyed with my schedule.

I normally tap away at my keyboard during the weekend to produce yet another whimsical gem for your consideration. But without power and trying to conserve every moment of battery life that I could in all my devices – more on that in this week’s post – I was unable to meet my self-inflicted Monday deadline this week.

Happily, power returned to my house late last night, though it appears the lovely folks at Cablevision still have some work to do to reconnect me to the internet. Therefore, this week’s post will be delayed roughly 24 hours, and instead of bringing light and happiness to your Monday, your Tuesday will now shine with a brilliance and light that it normally lacks.

I hope everyone who was in Irene’s path survived unscathed.

Thanks for your understanding.

2 thoughts on “hurricane delay

  1. Dangit! I moved to AZ so that I wouldn’t feel the effects of natural disasters, yet somehow they always rear their ugly heads in my neck of the woods. At any rate, I’m glad you and your family are safe and I look forward to Tuesday’s post.

  2. I have survived unscathed in Irene’s path here in Poughkeepsie NY. It could have been much worse as it was for so many others. I’m happy to still be here.
    Good things are always worth waiting for Dave.

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